LoneSpeed isn’t for gamblers.  It’s for people who want to bet and win on horse racing.  Whether you are new to the game or have been playing the horses for years, it’s important for you to seek and gain an advantage over other people who are also betting on horse racing.  Because every dollar you win at the track is a dollar that someone else lost.  And every dollar that you lose ends up in someone else’s pocket. It’s you versus them.  And if you aren’t prepared with information and knowledge, over time, you won’t come out on top.

Horse racing is the best bet there is.  Better than blackjack.  Better than slot machines.  Better than a lottery ticket.  And better than betting on sports.  It’s the only bet around where you can put in the necessary work and have an edge over the people you are betting against.  Sure, you can always watch endless hours of football or any other sport and come away with a belief that you can beat the point spread or set the perfect fantasy football lineup.  But it is our firm belief here are LoneSpeed that with the Las Vegas lines being so sharp and with so many people sharing the same information in the world of daily fantasy sports, you can’t find the same value for your betting dollar anywhere other than in horse racing.  And demanding value is the central key to any wager on anything, in any game.  Period.

You have to work harder.  LoneSpeed will work harder.  And together, through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and with a little discipline sprinkled in, we can beat the races.

Let LoneSpeed be your home for horse racing.  We strive to inform and entertain. Thanks for joining the discussion.