Of course Mongolian Groom won. Of course he did.

By Justin Dew | September 29, 2019

First, a quick personal note. LoneSpeed is not yet what I had hoped it would be. To this day, it is essentially nothing more than a personal blog. My hope is that it will eventually become a place where racing fans and bettors can come to be informed and entertained. For most of the last…


By Justin Dew | March 4, 2019

If you aren’t part of the tournament circuit, you probably still heard about this weekend’s most talked about horse racing controversy. Maybe you caught wind of it on social media.  Maybe you sat next to someone at a bar who was a victim of it.  Or maybe you saw the reference to it via Buzzfeed’s…

“You get tired of learning all the time.”

By Justin Dew | February 13, 2019

Three days removed from my first appearance in the National Horseplayers Championship, the dust has settled and I am back in the real world.  Back at home.  Back at work.  And beginning a break of indeterminate length from the contest circuit.  As I mentioned in a previous post, a break seems like a good idea,…

Roadmap to 47th

By Justin Dew | February 11, 2019

Had you told me four days ago that I would finish my first National Horseplayers Championship in 47th place out of 668 entries and take home $6,000, there is a very strong chance I would have cried tears of joy.  As I sit here in my Treasure Island hotel room on Monday morning, waiting to…

Tourney Talk- My NHC Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 8, 2019

Am I worried that Rich Nilsen is going to read this, adjust his Friday NHC selections based on my opinion, and then beat me at the final table?  No.  I am not.  And you know who isn’t worried about my NHC plays?  Rich.  Plus, my commitment to the loyal readers of LoneSpeed, irrespective of my…

Tourney Talk- This is it!

By Justin Dew | January 12, 2019

The NHC Tour ends today.  The last event where points can be earned takes place in less than an hour from now on, and by 7:00pm EST tonight, anyone who is more skillful than I am when it comes to using the scoring calculator on the NHC Tour page will know who the champion…

Tourney Talk- Saturday’s Santa Anita NHC Qualifier

By Justin Dew | January 3, 2019

As I type this, I am supposed to be landing at Midway Airport in Chicago to compete in the Friday and Saturday NHC qualifiers at Hawthorne while seated at a table with adequate electrical outlets alongside July Hawthorne contest winner Steve Decaspers.  But as you may have noticed from recent social media posts of mine,…

Dancing the Mendoza Line

By Justin Dew | December 20, 2018

Baseball fans know the Mendoza Line as this, per Wikipedia: The Mendoza Line is an expression in baseball in the United States, deriving from the name of shortstop Mario Mendoza, whose poor batting average is taken to define the threshold of incompetent hitting. The cutoff point is most often said to be .200[1] (although Mendoza’s…

Tourney Talk- NHC Free Contest Picks

By Justin Dew | December 1, 2018

Maybe I can salvage the day with a good showing in a contest with an entry fee of $0.  

Tourney Talk- “Scott C” leads BetPTC Finals after Day 1

By Justin Dew | November 11, 2018

Based on his social media posts, I can only assume that the Scott C. atop the BetPTC leaderboard after Day 1 of the Cash Is King contest is none other than Scott Carson, known on Twitter as @CarsoniPH.  Carson tweeted on Saturday that he rode Risky Proposition and his 22.5-1 off odds to wins in…