Arkansas Derby- Pull Out Your PPs

By Justin Dew | May 2, 2020

It’s time for another edition of everyone’s favorite LoneSpeed show…


FL Derby Day Rainbow Six

By Justin Dew | March 27, 2020


Hot LoneSpeed Louisiana Derby Analysis

By Justin Dew | March 21, 2020

Major LoneSpeed Announcement

By Justin Dew | March 11, 2020

Pull Out Your PPs- Santa Anita Opening Day Pick 5 (click here)

By Justin Dew | December 26, 2018

Pull Out Your PPs- Saturday Pick 4 at Fair Grounds (click here)

By Justin Dew | December 22, 2018

Pull Out Your PPs- Gulfstream’s Saturday Stakes Action (click here)

By Justin Dew | December 14, 2018

It’s time for the first installment of a new series here on LoneSpeed, Pull Out Your PPs.  So…. …grab your PPs and just pull them right on out. Let’s start digging in!!! And yes, I’m aware that the races shown in the PPs do not represent Almanaar’s entire career.  But I’m not gonna redo the…

Friday Thoughts from LoneSpeed

By Justin Dew | November 30, 2018

Now I can’t try to beat Code of Honor

By Justin Dew | November 27, 2018

New LoneSpeed Partnership

By Justin Dew | November 26, 2018

Hi everyone.  Some new cool stuff is happening at LoneSpeed.  Watch this video now or get OFF my website!!! (click the title….)