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“You get tired of learning all the time.”

Three days removed from my first appearance in the National Horseplayers Championship, the dust has settled and I am back in the real world.  Back at home.  Back at work.  And beginning a break of indeterminate length from the contest circuit.  As I mentioned in a previous post, a break seems like a good idea,…

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Roadmap to 47th

Had you told me four days ago that I would finish my first National Horseplayers Championship in 47th place out of 668 entries and take home $6,000, there is a very strong chance I would have cried tears of joy.  As I sit here in my Treasure Island hotel room on Monday morning, waiting to…

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Tourney Talk- My NHC Play of the Day

Am I worried that Rich Nilsen is going to read this, adjust his Friday NHC selections based on my opinion, and then beat me at the final table?  No.  I am not.  And you know who isn’t worried about my NHC plays?  Rich.  Plus, my commitment to the loyal readers of LoneSpeed, irrespective of my…

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Where to begin?

Life has gotten in the way of LoneSpeed these past few weeks.  A quick update, and some thoughts on the big week ahead. First, no sooner did LoneSpeed enter Phase 2 of its existence than I got a new job with a really cool company at a time that I wasn’t really even looking for…

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