Where to begin?

Life has gotten in the way of LoneSpeed these past few weeks.  A quick update, and some thoughts on the big week ahead.

First, no sooner did LoneSpeed enter Phase 2 of its existence than I got a new job with a really cool company at a time that I wasn’t really even looking for a job.  This job requires most of my time and energy, as well as a lot of travel.  Thus, paying attention to horse racing closely enough to share my witty observations and brilliant handicapping insights has been knocked down the list of priorities….for the time being!!!  This is just a temporary thing, people.

However, I was able to catch and wager on City of Light in the Pegasus.  And thanks to the new gig, I watched City of Light while drinking at a bar in the City of Light, aka Paris.  It was pretty damn cool, not gonna lie.  And those of you who followed my handicapping advice on Horse Racing Nation and Twitter hopefully made a few bucks.  City of Light was brilliant not only at Gulfstream, but throughout his career.  I’m sad to see him go.  What a year he could have in 2019.

On Wednesday, it’s off to a little town which is one of many referred to as the City of Lights; Las Vegas.  This will be my first time competing in the National Horseplayers Championship, and my preliminary-but-subject-to-change strategy has me focusing on turf races, maiden races, and full fields.  Claimers have never been my thing.

I’ll be back at least once more this week to talk about the NHC, and you can follow me on Twitter @justindew to stay up to speed on my tourney selections.  At least that’s the plan.

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