Derby Spotlight: Country House

triple crown

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Think back to the 2013 and 2014 Kentucky Derbies. Both races featured a runner-up that led to the tote board blowing up. Those two horses were Golden Soul and Commanding Curve, both at odds of over 30-1. And this year, the horse that most reminds me of both past longshots is Country House.

The thing about Golden Soul and Commanding Curve leading up to their respective Kentucky Derby tries was that you never got the feeling, while watching their preps, that either horse was going to win those preps. At least I didn’t. With both horses, they just seemed to keep on running and putting in respectable, non-threatening efforts. I felt that way with Keen Ice as well, and he probably should have been closer at the finish than he was in 2015.

Back to Country House. He’s not your traditional closer that makes a furious later rally to run them all down. He’s more of a grinder maybe. I mean yeah, he can make middle moves, and grinders are more just like 18-wheelers that never stop. But regardless of what we call him, I just think Country House is going to be still running when other have stopped.

How cool would it be for Mott to shock everyone with this horse after Hidden Scroll couldn’t make the race and with Tacitus among the favorites in here? Can Country House win the Kentucky Derby? Eh, I guess it’s possible. But several others are way more likely in my opinion. I just think he’s a major board candidate and I’ll be using him.


  1. Allen Hawkins on May 5, 2019 at 2:36 am

    Thanks for this insightful analysis! I took your advice on Country House and hit the contested trifecta tonight!!!

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