Derby Spotlight: Haikal

triple crown

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Horses that come from the absolute clouds almost never win the Kentucky Derby. There. I said it. And it needed to be said. Because Haikal comes from the clouds. He’ll probably run all day and all night, but to win the Kentucky Derby you need to do it faster than 19 other horses. And for my money, Haikal won’t be able to do at 10 furlongs what he did at 8 furlongs around one turn after an opening half mile of :44.2 in the Gotham.

His Wood Memorial effort was honest enough I guess. But someone from that bunch had to be 3rd. And many of his foes had serious trouble in that strangely-run race.

Plus, haven’t we seen about 10,000 of these Shadwell horses winter in New York and then do nothing in the Derby? It feels that way.

That said, could this be another Jazil situation? I’m too lazy to check but didn’t he dead heat for 4th in the Derby for Shadwell after prepping in New York?

I just don’t think Haikal is at the same level as the big boys in this group. The Derby distance does not appear to be in his wheelhouse, at least to me. And there are just too many others I like more. I can see him messing up some tickets with a late charge to hit the board. But that’s about it for me. I’ll pass on Haikal.

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