This whole Winx thing confuses me


Winx was back at it this week. For starters, let me say that I applaud the connections of Winx for the fact that she is still racing. I have never owned a racehorse. But I have to assume the only reasons one would get into the business of horse ownership are to make money (long shot) or to have fun. And clearly, owning Winx is fun (and profitable) for the folks in charge. But I just have to ask, what is fun about trying to win the Cox Plate for the fourth consecutive time? Especially when she already has the consecutive race record, which currently stands at 25 along with Black Caviar.

Earlier this year, there was talk, (just talk!!!) of sending Winx to the Royal Ascot meet. Deep down, I kind of suspected it wouldn’t happen. I read the statement the owners put out when they announced she would stay in Australia. I mean, yeah, what they said made sense I guess. And maybe they want to ensure she breaks Black Caviar’s record, and sending her to Ascot would have put that in jeopardy without another win before Ascot and after the April record-tying win.

Remember back when everyone said all Azeri did was beat up on the same overmatched California fillies and mares? And then she took her game on the road and racked up Grade 1 wins at Oaklawn, Arlington, Keeneland, and Saratoga? No, she never left America. But she got out of her comfort zone, tried new things, and won. Winx just keeps beating the same horses over and over and over again. It’s kind of boring at this point. Every time she run, social media blows up with stuff like “Winx! That is all”. And I’m trying to avoid sounding like a negative dick here. But I’m over it. We get it. She can beat everyone in Australia at a variety of distances and she’ll probably get her 26th and 27th and eleventy-billionth consecutive wins.

I’m not sure what my point is. Good for the owners for making money. I’m glad they are having fun. Winx is awesome. Props to them for keeping her out of the breeding shed a little longer. I hope they get whatever they are aiming for. Winx is a fun story. But I’m now officially bored with the story. I guess that’s my point. Zero percent chance I stay up all night or set my alarm to watch her do the same thing she has done before. I’m glad Racing Twitter still cares. But I don’t.

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