Tourney Talk- DRF’s Saturday slate will get my action

As a rule, I am mostly against trying to qualify for a tournament that you are able to buy your way into.  My logic is that unless you consistently find yourself at or near the top 10% of the leaderboard, the takeout of qualifiers makes them not the best financial option.  However, if you think you have strong opinions on the races offered by the contest in question and you allow the contest to choose you, an exception can be made.  Such is the case for me on Saturday.

I love the all-Saratoga lineup of races DRF is offering.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the card.  I have several strong opinions on horses that should offer a price.  So pending scratches, the plan for me is to tackle the live WCH qualifier and the all-in Pegasus Round 1 event.  I think I’ll stay away from Horsetourneys and Horseplayers on Saturday.  That’s subject to change, of course.  But if you let the contests choose you and you like the Travers card, then I think DRF is where you need to be on Saturday.

Am I worried that a DRF competitor will take a gander at my LoneSpeed posts and use the info to beat me?  No.  But that would be a good problem to have I suppose.  Lots of people who posts racing opinions also play in contests.  And to date, I’m not quite at the level where people are trying to gain an advantage over me.  So what I’m essentially doing by writing this is encouraging people to play in the same events as me, AND giving them insight into how I’ll play.  This website has been live for 24 hours.  I’m not worried.

The DRF slate starts in Race 4 and runs through the end of the card. 10 races.  A $40 “Mendoza line” as I like to call it.  The Pegasus Round 1 contest awards spots to the 9/29 $960 qualifier.  And the WCH event gets you right into 2019 finals at a date that I don’t THINK has been set.

Good luck.  See you on DRF.

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