Tourney Talk- This is it!

The NHC Tour ends today.  The last event where points can be earned takes place in less than an hour from now on, and by 7:00pm EST tonight, anyone who is more skillful than I am when it comes to using the scoring calculator on the NHC Tour page will know who the champion is.  Here is the current leaderboard…

The tour seemed all but over just weeks ago.  But an incredible November and December by the retired-from-horse-racing David Gutfreund has led to him seizing control from Paul Shurman heading into today’s final event.  Based on my crude attempts to use the calculator and my reviews of the 2018 performances of the Top 6 shown above (aka the 20,000+ Club), it appears to me that only Gutfreund and Shurman can win the title.  Apologies if I am missing something.

I’ll be competing today in a desperate attempt to qualify for my first NHC appearance.  I am still on tilt as a result of missing a seat back in March by $1.80 when Runaway Ghost’s odds dropped from 7-1 to 7-2 in the final seconds before the gates opened.  And I’ll be rooting for my friend Rich Nilsen to hold on to his spot in the Top 20.  What an incredible year he has had.


  1. Rich Nilsen on January 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    Thanks buddy. I was in the “points” for a while yesterday but faded late. I think I may be 19th, which I’ll take, but needless to say is disappointing end

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