Well, Wow Cat sucked

Losing money at the track, while occasionally fun, is never a good thing. Losing money on a horse that you touted not just on your own website, but on Horse Racing Nation, is also not desirable. But do you wanna know what’s even worse? I’m gonna tell ya. What’s even worse is when a “featured writer” for Horse Racing Nation, who also happens to be a member of the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters Association who takes his Eclipse Award vote “very seriously”, breaks your balls on Twitter for being wrong about that same losing bet. I mean, having that happen, in public, for the world to see, is something few people can recover from.

First, a quick recap.

This week, I ranted and raved about what a lock I thought Wow Cat was in the Personal Ensign. I gave my reasoning not just here at LoneSpeed, but also on Horse Racing Nation, where I am a blogger (NOT a featured writer like Chip). As we all know, Wow Cat didn’t run a step and I lost my rather large wager on her. But the pain did not end there. In fact, it was just beginning.

Shortly after Midnight Bisou won, I see this on my Twitter feed.

It appears Featured Writer Chip found it funny that I lost all my money. Or maybe he just thought it was funny that I had a strong opinion that didn’t pan out. Who knows? Regardless, the ball-busting didn’t end there….

Apparently Old Chip went back through my Twitter feed, found another post about Wow Cat, and laughed out loud again. I gotta tell ya, coming from someone who hangs out in the Arlington Park press box on weekends with all the other brilliant turf writers, this relentless stream of digs from Featured Writer Chip was starting to hurt.

Given Chip has such an impressive resume (how many of YOU get to spend your weekends in the Arlington Park press box?), I was surprised I had never heard of him. So I went to the Horse Racing Nation website to look for the “Featured Writer” section. Surprisingly, there isn’t one. Luckily I found him under “Blogs”. He goes by Dr. Derby. And let me tell you his writing is insightful, helpful, and most of all, ENTERTAINING. An example of Featured Writer Chip’s work is below:

I mean, come on! You can’t find insight like that just anywhere. I mean, MAYBE in the Arlington Park press box. Maybe! How have I never heard of this guy? It’s no wonder he takes his Eclipse Award vote very seriously. He has to. He has a reputation to consider. Plus, if he didn’t take it seriously, people know where to find him. In the Arlington Park press box!!!

The truth is, I deserve to have my balls busted. I made a bet with confidence and it didn’t pan out. I was wrong. That rarely, if ever, happens in horse racing. And when it does, the party in question MUST be called out. So I say thank you, Chipster, for setting me straight. Good luck with the radio show, and please, for everyone’s sake, continue to take your Eclipse Award vote seriously.

Also, don’t let up with the writing. Your stuff is gold. So fun to read.

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