Best Bets and Best Opinions


The day before the Breeders’ Cup, I was asked what my best play of the weeknd was.  And because I take questions like this very seriously and sometimes get way too cute with my answers, I responded “Well, my best BET of the weekend is City of Light, but my best OPINION is Magical.”  Now, if you ask me to explain why City of Light was the best bet and how that’s different from best opinion, I don’t know if I can give you an answer.  But it makes sense to me, in my own head.

Anyway, City of Light won, and Magical ran a great race when barely losing to Enable.  But she was about an hour clear of 3rd in there.  Both City of Light and Magical validated my opinions.  And guess what.  They may get a chance to do so again, on the same day, at Gulfstream Park.  Both are expected to race on Pegasus Day.  Only this time, I don’t see myself getting Breeders’ Cup-type prices on either.  Ed DeRosa has offered me 3-1 odds on both winning.  I think I’ll pass since I expect Accelerate to be favored in the main event and I’ll likely get 2-1 or better on City of Light.

I’m still not sure what the point of this post is.  Sometimes I just start writing and wait to see what comes out on the screen.  And now I am nearing the end of this post and haven’t figured out how to bring it full circle.  I guess the point is that sometimes you get a chance to capitalize on good opinions from the past that didn’t totally materialize.  Magical lost on BC Day.  Maybe this time she wins and I cash a big ticket somehow.  Maybe I should tell Ed that I changed my mind and I’ll gladly accept his 3-1 offer.


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