Do you like free money?

I get asked all the time, especially around Triple Crown season, which ADW is the best place to bet on this sport we love. And my answer is the same every time-

For starters, you need to make every effort possible to maximize your wagering dollar through rebates. If you are wagering without a rebate, you are leaving money on the table, and that isn’t smart. In fact, it’s really stupid. is the ONLY wagering site that offers instant cash back after every race is official. Period. Did you know this? I’m guessing you did not.

Do you like real-money contests? Of course you do. BetPTC is the home of some great real-money events like Cash is King XI, which will be awarding spots to the Keeneland contest in the Fall and the 2020 Pegasus Betting Challenge.

Even though I beat Rich Nilsen at the NHC in February when I finished in the money and neither of his entries did, he is still among the world’s elite horseplayers. This is not in dispute. He’s qualifed for the NHC eleventy billion times. Wanna know what else? Rich is also the Director of Player Services at BetPTC. So you know the site is player friendly. I mean, one of the world’s top handicappers and tournament players is practically running the show. Think about that.

BetPTC also offers ton of free information to help point you towards more winners. Read analysis from top handicappers like Rich and Chris Larmey, and start winning more.

Is BetPTC a sponsor of LoneSpeed? Yes. Does that influence my decision to wager there? Hell no. I like money. You like money. We all like money. So start wagering at BetPTC now and stop leaving money on the table. Be smart. Not dumb. Open an account now. Click on the banner at the top of this page and sign up.


  1. Rich on June 5, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    You really lost me in the 4th paragraph #blindsquirrel

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