Mind Your Biscuits- The Final Analysis

Until I watched the replay of the Lukas Classic, I had no intention at all of using Mind Your Biscuits prominently in my Breeders’ Cup Classic wagering.  But now, it’s a virtual certainty that he’ll be a big part of my plays.

Make no mistake.  The breeding isn’t there for 10 furlongs with Mind Your Biscuits.  If you play him in the Classic it’s because you think his talent transcends whatever breeding limitations there are.  From my perspective, that’s got to be the logic.  In his two attempts to go 9 furlongs, he did nothing that would suggest he can’t go even farther. No, he didn’t beat much in the Lukas Classic.  But I noticed something in review of the replay that I had not seen live because I was watching a different horse.  See the screenshot of the replay below.

That’s MYB in 3rd, with the yellow and black stripes and red sleeves and cap.  It’s not as noticeable here as it is when watching the video replay (which I can’t find a link for, so you’ll need to watch on TwinSpires or whatever service you use for CD replays), but the rider has an absolute hammerlock on MYB at this point in the race.  So often, when a rider is restraining his mount, we see the horse start cocking his head and fighting the jockey.  But MYB didn’t do that here.  He settled nicely behind a slowish pace and then advanced under almost no urging before drawing off to win.  It was very impressive.  And the entire trip told me he’d be just fine going 1 1/4 miles.

If you are against Mind Your Biscuits because you think the distance is too far, there is a very good chance you’ll be right.  But before you make a final decision, you need to watch the replay of his last two and decide if you like what you see.

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