Who wants to go to Japan with me?

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Word came down this week that The Japan Racing Association will host their own wagering pool for the Kentucky Derby if their native son, Master Fencer, starts in the race. I think I speak for all American bettors when I say that fu*king sucks.

The Japanese love to bet hugh amounts of money whenever one of their own races internationally. I have seen speculation that up to $30,000,000 might flow through the betting windows on the Derby. So I was super excited to see all of that money make its way into the North American pool and potentially help the odds on every horse in the race not named Master Fencer. I mean sure, there is no guarantee that he’d take more than his fair share of Yen in the win pool. But odds are his price would be deflated. And my price on everyone else would be inflated.

So, this begs the question: Who wants to hop on a plane with me (and maybe LoneSpeed contributor Steve DeCaspers) and fly to Japan where we can get (possibly) inflated odds on the American runner of our choosing? A flight from Orlando to Tokyo on United can be had right now for $1,700. If you are planning to bet $1,000 to win on your Derby horse, you would merely need the Japanese bettors to offer you an extra 1.7 points on the tote board to make your flight money back if that horse won the Kentucky Derby.

There is no way I am doing this, but it’s not a totally mindless idea if you happen to be in the mood for a trip to Japan.

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