The Redboarding of Mr. Big News

By Justin Dew | April 12, 2020

Redboarding is something that should never happen. It’s sad and disgusting. Now, watch me redboard.

Major LoneSpeed Announcement

By Justin Dew | April 9, 2020

Did you attend the 2020 National Horseplayers Championship? Did you think it was an amazing event that required just one or two very minor tweaks? Was one of those tweaks free bottled water? Well, you are in luck. In 2021, LoneSpeed will be [checks approved legal wording] one of perhaps multiple unofficial bottled water sponsors…

Revisiting the February 7th Issue

By Justin Dew | March 31, 2020

We’ve discussed this before here on LoneSpeed. But it’s worth another look based on recent events. While competing on Day 1 of this year’s NHC on February 7th, I noticed that a number of my contest selections at Gulfstream Park were getting beaten by horses that spent most or all of their time down on…


FL Derby Day Rainbow Six

By Justin Dew | March 27, 2020


What a difference a year makes

By Justin Dew | March 25, 2020

Edit: Please stop reading now. I’m embarrassed. A mere 12 months ago, Well Defined was sent to post as the 9/2 third wagering choice in the Tampa Bay Derby, just one race after winning the Sam F. Davis Stakes and becoming a graded stakes winner. Well Defined could manage only 8th that day, and has…

Hot LoneSpeed Louisiana Derby Analysis

By Justin Dew | March 21, 2020

But what about Three Technique?

By Justin Dew | March 15, 2020

Talking about Kentucky Derby preps in the context of the actual Kentucky Derby is perhaps a bit silly at this point. We don’t know if the race is going to be run at all, much less when. That said, we can still analyze individual performances and try to uncover efforts that might be better than…

Major LoneSpeed Announcement

By Justin Dew | March 11, 2020

Breaking News: Horse Racing Journalism Doesn’t Exist

By Justin Dew | March 9, 2020

Since I’m pretty fired up and not in the mood to temper my thoughts at the moment, let me qualify what follows with some commentary that is in no way an attempt to soften the message I am trying to send, but rather an effort to make sure all that I am about to write…

The reasons I’ll be back

By Justin Dew | March 3, 2020

Everyone hates bad-beat stories because we all have our own and we’ve heard yours before. Whether you’re betting through the windows or playing in contests, every sob story is pretty much the same. “I needed the 6 for my Pick 4 and he got an awful ride.” Or, “I was gonna use the 7 in…

LoneSpeed Thursday Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 27, 2020

Gulfstream Park Race 6- #6 Hilltop Harmony (6/1) Two days in a row, we have given out Plays of the Day that ran absolutely huge races but failed to win. We’ll spare you a breakdown of what happened with Wednesday’s play Took a Cab if you’ll promise to go back and watch the replay (GP…


Gulfstream Park Wednesday Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 26, 2020

Race 2: #6 Took a Cab First, a quick word about yesterday’s Play of the Day. For the most part, we were right. Golden Loch ran huge at 13-1 in Fair Grounds’ 4th. I don’t know if she could have beaten the winner, but without the traffic issues in mid-stretch, she would have been much…