The reasons I’ll be back

By Justin Dew | March 3, 2020

Everyone hates bad-beat stories because we all have our own and we’ve heard yours before. Whether you’re betting through the windows or playing in contests, every sob story is pretty much the same. “I needed the 6 for my Pick 4 and he got an awful ride.” Or, “I was gonna use the 7 in…

LoneSpeed Thursday Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 27, 2020

Gulfstream Park Race 6- #6 Hilltop Harmony (6/1) Two days in a row, we have given out Plays of the Day that ran absolutely huge races but failed to win. We’ll spare you a breakdown of what happened with Wednesday’s play Took a Cab if you’ll promise to go back and watch the replay (GP…


Gulfstream Park Wednesday Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 26, 2020

Race 2: #6 Took a Cab First, a quick word about yesterday’s Play of the Day. For the most part, we were right. Golden Loch ran huge at 13-1 in Fair Grounds’ 4th. I don’t know if she could have beaten the winner, but without the traffic issues in mid-stretch, she would have been much…

Tuesday Fair Grounds Play of the Day

By Justin Dew | February 25, 2020

Race 4- #3 Golden Loch (8/1) There may not be enough pace signed on in here to give Golden Loch a chance to fire her best shot. But there are a couple of reasons to believe she will be a much better price than she should be in this MSW event against seven foes. And…

Imaginary Track Bias?

By Justin Dew | February 24, 2020

Not enough time has passed just yet for me to write about my performance at the NHC earlier this month. It’s just something I am not emotionally prepared to put to words. In short, I had a bad Friday, a great Saturday, and a Sunday that didn’t really matter. We’ll leave it at that for…

triple crown

Early Clever Kentucky Derby Trifecta

By Justin Dew | February 18, 2020

Don’t ask me how many days we have until the Kentucky Derby. I know it’s less than 90. Suffice it to say, a lot is going to happen between now and then. A lot! However, simple things like time and patience should not stop us from rampantly and irresponsibly speculating as to the make-up of…

The NHC #Fourgate Championship

By Justin Dew | February 2, 2020

It’s highly unlikely that anyone reading this isn’t already familiar with the Fourgate crew and how they came to be front and center in the NHC world back in March. But in case you have been living under a rock or just have a bad memory, I’ll recap. On March 2nd, hosted a free…

An NHC “Also Eligible” Draws In

By Justin Dew | February 1, 2020

On July 7th, 2019, Melvin Simonovic finished in 4th place in an NHC qualifier on It was a solid effort, but unfortunately for Melvin, the contest only awarded NHC seats to the top there finishers. We’ve all been there, and it sucks. The July 7th contest was one of several impressive performances for the…

One more attempt, with new points, to convince the masses

By Justin Dew | January 29, 2020

One way I like to logically work through an issue is to try to respond to opposing arguments in my mind before I am presented with them in real life. This often leads to me changing my mind on a topic before I take a stance in the meeting room at work, or in the…

My $0.02 on Familygate

By Justin Dew | January 24, 2020

Because I have listened to every song on my iPhone nearly 1,000 times while torturing myself on various cardio machines over the last decade or so, my new thing is to listen to horse racing podcasts in an attempt to make 40 minutes feel like the blink of an eye. It seldom works, but that…


2020 Kentucky Derby Winner?

By Justin Dew | January 23, 2020

(UPDATED: Please stop reading now. The race has been run, and I am embarrassed.) The last time Bill Mott ran a first-time starter going two turns on the dirt was on January 25th, 2017. The horse was named Frontliner. The race was at 1 mile and 40 yards at Tampa Bay Downs. Frontliner finished 7th…

Some friendly advice for NHC rookies

By Justin Dew | January 22, 2020

Last year was my first time competing in the NHC. It was effectively only my second year attempting to qualify, and it took me until January to win my seat. There are many, many others with substantially more NHC experience than I have. And these days, there seems to be no shortage of info in…